Awesome Things To Post On Instagram

Here’s a list of the most awesome things to post on Instagram

By SocialRiser Team

Awesome Things To Post On Instagram

Trying to find awesome things to post on Instagram? Yes, it can be really hard… I’m sure you’ve been in those situations where you repost content.. really guilty now aren’t you!

Honestly, we’ve all been there, continuously scrolling through your Instagram timeline/ camera roll in hopes for amazing content to appear from nowhere!

To effectively grow your influence on Instagram, you’ll need to regularly post awesome things that fit with your brand/ theme. There are some awesome Instagram growth services like SocialRiser which are able to help you with content creation for posts,  as well as the organic growth of your account.

Right, so if you’re wondering what exactly to post on Instagram, or need some ideas for your next post, look no further! Our list of awesome things to post on Instagram will surely help you.


1.Run an Instagram giveaway/contest

This is an exciting way to gain a huge amount of engagement in a small space of time for your brand. This technique would naturally get more people on Instagram speaking about your brand.

There’s nothing better but to scroll through your feed and see a giveaway! This would really make your audience’s day!

In order to execute this technique effectively, we would recommend offering a prize that’s actually relevant to your audience. This is the number one most effective way to get the very best engagement with these competitions! We’ve seen so many others do this wrong!


2. Share something you’ve learnt recently

Every day we learn new things, our audiences would be absolutely fascinated with new things you could share with them! Think of something that’s fascinated you recently and don’t be shy to share it


3. Quote posts

Yes… you read right! Did you know that these type of posts get some of the best engagement on Instagram? They really do relate to so many individuals, it’s like an inside voice speaking out to you.

What’s one of your most favourite quotes? What are you waiting for? Share it with your audience today!


4. A Tutorial

Think about the niche of your audience and then think of something that you could teach them, which would actually be helpful for them.

What could you teach them in a series of swipe left snapshots?


5. Blog Posts

This is a really effective way to drive traffic to your blog post/posts. Simply use a photo from your chosen blog post and post it to let your followers know its live for them to read.
Just remember to include the link in bio! Again… we’ve seen so many people forget this and it’s crucial!


6. Favourite tools

Share your top favourite tools that help you to get the job done. People who are similar to you would absolutely love a short-cut for their work!


7. Prompt your followers to tag their friends in your posts

These type of posts would simply encourage people to tag their friends within the comments section which the specific post may relate to. This would drive engagement as these friends would reply and it keeps going on and on! Now imagine this on a large scale with hundreds of different groups of friends… now you get it.
Try to be creative and think of new ways to encourage people to tag their friends!


8. Show humour: make your audience laugh

We’re not expecting you to be the best comedian in the world! Honestly, once in a while its fine to post content that would make your audience laugh, people love humour. From funny videos to funny quotes to memes, these techniques are really effective.
We know this technique wouldn’t necessarily apply to every brand, but we’re not all robots! There are certainly ways to show this humour whilst at the same time staying in line with your audience.


9. Nature

Nature is one of the most beautiful things that you can never go wrong with. From shots of sunrises, sunsets or even tall mountains. These photos are unique and people love it!


10.A Bird’s eye view of your working environment

Enlighten your audience with what you’re currently up to/ working on.

Comment below some other awesome things to post on Instagram!

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