Potential reasons you were blocked for following on Instagram

By SocialRiser Team

We’re assuming you’ve landed here, simply questioning why “I was blocked for following on Instagram”. You’re not on your own! Quite often, Instagram marketers and individuals who grow their Instagram accounts get this well-known message from Instagram. Calm down! Its common and happens a lot! It’s only temporary!

Let’s get a deeper understanding of why exactly this is happening to us. We will list the potential reasons for getting blocked from following on Instagram along with the most appropriate solution.

Let’s get started…

There is a range of potential reasons why you were blocked for following on Instagram…

1.You exceeded the Instagram follow limit per hour, with aggressive following

That’s just Instagram’s way of telling you to calm down with the following! No hard feelings! You most likely followed too many accounts and exceeded the limit as a result. They have this in place in order to prevent typical bot behaviour, of following a large number of accounts in a small amount of time. Not to worry, this just means that you’ll need to wait for a few hours, in order for Instagram to remove the ban before you can continue following again. Maybe you can have a look at the Explore Page and come back to following after?


2. Following accounts way to fast!

We know how important it is for you to grow your followers, we all want to ideally! Is there a chance you can slow down a little? That’s right. This means you’ve simply carried out the follow action too fast. Instagram usually requires you to give a small space after following accounts. Why? You guessed right, it’s to prevent bots from progressing on the platform. Aim to follow around 45 accounts in 5 minutes INSERT URL. This is a safe way to prevent getting blocked for following on Instagram.


3.You’re using a form of automation such as those dodgy apps/bots to gain followers

The use of any apps or bots for the growth of your Instagram account will surely cause you to get blocked from following on Instagram. In order to avoid getting blocked avoid these apps/bots that claim to get you followers. A trusted Instagram Growth Service like SocialRiser –  is an option you should go for with trusted marketing experts that control the growth of your account – try them out!


4. You may have reached the limit for following on Instagram

You may not have been aware, but Instagram has a follow limit for all Instagram accounts. Each account can only follow up to 7500. If this is the case for you, just unfollow some accounts and magic! You’ll be back up and running! This was a policy that has been introduced by Instagram a while ago to prevent the rapid following of accounts. However, if an account had already been following + 7,500 before the policy introduction, it will be able to continue following as many accounts as it wishes. Not fair!


5.Instagram’s natural sensitivity

Every now and then Instagram tends to release back-end updates in an effort to effectively prevent bot activity on their platform. This tends to have an effect on other accounts who have not necessarily done anything wrong or maybe made an attempt to follow numerous accounts. In the same case just leave Instagram for a few hours and return later.



The first thing you’ll need to do is identify the reason why you were blocked for following on Instagram. What activities occurred before you got banned?

Did you follow numerous accounts too fast?

Or exceeded the Instagram follow limit per hour?

Once you’re able to identify why you were blocked for following on Instagram, you’ll need to wait 30 minutes to a couple of hours to allow this ban to be removed.

All done from here! You can now start following with confidence and less speed.

Growing your Instagram account does take a lot of time and effort. That’s why we offer an organic Instagram growth service  – ScialRiser uses trusted marketing experts that control the growth of your account 24/7.

Comment the methods that worked best for you as well as previous experiences you faced and how you tackled them.

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