Pro Tips On How To Improve Your Brands Instagram Aesthetic

How to improve your Instagram aesthetic

By SocialRiser Team

Pro Tips To Improve Your Brands Instagram Aesthetic 

We’re going to assume you’ve landed here wondering how to improve your Instagram aesthetic? Good news you’re in the right place!

Brands on Instagram have to work extensively hard to gain attention from their targetted audience. So much effort tends to get focused on one area of a brands Instagram page, and they tend to forget other important things. That’s why Instagram growth services like SocialRiser exists, to help these brands to improve their aesthetic and grow their Instagram accounts.

When it comes to establishing your brand on Instagram, there are some basics which you’ll need to do correctly in order to even have a chance with your target audience. Having a large following will not guarantee you conversions.

Brilliant aesthetic helps to deliver effective communication to your audience and also keeps them regularly updated with your content in a fun way that keeps them both engaged and keen to see more!

There are large hand-fulls of companies that have poor aesthetic on their Instagram pages and as a result, causes their audience to be way less engaged with them.

Let’s have a look at the pro tips on how to improve your Instagram aesthetic….


Be clear with who your audience is

It’s extremely important to be able to visually connect with your audience on Instagram. You need to be clear with who exactly your audience is in order to build your Instagram account in a specific way that would appeal to them and therefore attract them to your page. The ideal goal is to get your audience addicted to your content… Almost like how many of us are addicted to ice cream!


Use similar filters in order to keep your layout on Instagram consistent

In order to make your Instagram flow consistently, you’ll need to have a consistent approach to the editing of your photos. This means not necessarily sticking to one single filter, but using a selection of filters for your feed – which would help with identifying your aesthetic clearly to your audience. If you’re not a big fan of the Instagram filters, there ’s a range of filter apps out there which would help you!


Choose a consistent colour scheme

Don’t you just love those colours! A basic colour scheme/ palette is essential to improve the overall aesthetic of your Instagram page for your brand. This makes your posts look like a whole amazing collection of content that tells a story about your brand, rather than confusion to your target audience, causing them to perceive you as “just another page on Instagram”.


Write an attractive bio!

I’ve lost count of the number of accounts with poor bios. It’s almost as if it’s becoming a new style! No.. I didn’t mean that literally. Your bio is one of the most important things on your Instagram account which creates the first initial impression of your page, it communicates directly to your target audience. Visualise it, what’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile?

Drop everything you’re doing and invest some good time creating a bio that speaks the story of your brand to your audience. Nothing too technical, remember they know you’re a human too! This will truly help you to gain more targetted followers, that’s relevant to your brand.


Post quality content

This does seem really obvious, however many forget to follow this rule when posting content on Instagram. This would mean having more patience for finding content and being picky with what to post and what not to post!

Growing your Instagram account and posting consistently good content does take a lot of time and effort. That’s why we offer an organic Instagram growth and management service for businesses like yours  – ScialRiser uses trusted marketing experts that control the growth of your account 24/7. Try our service out today.

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