Instagram Engagement Down? Here’s The Reasons Why

Instagram engagement down? Dont panic.. lets solve this problem 

By SocialRiser Team

Is your Instagram engagement down?

Engagement is essentially one of the most important things on Instagram especially when growing or owning a large audience. Ideally, your audience should be interacting with your content with likes comments and shares on a regular basis. This literally makes or breaks businesses on Instagram. Scary right?! That’s why Instagram growth services like SocialRiser exist, to help your business increase their enagagement.

Here’s an overview of the current situation before we go into the main part….

Instagram took approximately four years to get their first 300 million users. As of last year September, the platform now has 800 million active monthly users!

What does rapid growth lead to? That’s right it leads to saturation, as a result leading to increased competition to appear in users feeds.
We’re going to assume you’ve already noticed that your Instagram engagement is taking a fall. These could be the potential reason why…

1. Have you been posting content your audience wants to see?

Seems like a question with an obvious answer, but you’ll be surprised. You’ll need to remember that these people are following you for a reason and when you change the content you usually post they simply wouldn’t be entertained. So be safe and post your usual content!

Try having a look at your previous top performing posts and find content similar to that. That’s a really good way to keep your engagement in check.
Along with this, make sure to post at a time your audience is most active. This links in with another reason for a decrease in Instagram engagement.


2. You’ve Been Inconsistently Posting

I’m sure we can all raise our hands up and admit we’ve done this a few times! Have you found yourself posting more in some weeks and less in other weeks? Or posting at random times? This is a likely cause as to why your Instagram engagement is down. Our users should be able to identify roughly when you’ll be posting.

Going against this would decrease the chances of your users seeing your posts, as the majority of them, for all you know may not be present on Instagram at the time you choose to post. Stay consistent!

3. Not So Good Captions

Instagram relies heavily on photography people love, which is fundamental to the platform. This puts the captions as the second most important aspect to a successful post. Not so good captions would simply discourage followers from liking your future posts.

Try giving your audience something to think about with your captions, like asking questions such as what their opinion is on a specific topic your covering. Also, try to encourage them to use the comments section on your posts.

4. Too Many Sponsored / Ad Posts

If you’re a business you would find that too many of these type of posts tend to get way less engagement compared to your usual content. Posts that focus on selling something don’t usually give as much value to your audience. Don’t get me wrong – sponsored/ ad posts are fine! Just have a balance!

5. Strategic Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags are a brilliant way to leverage your account on Instagram against competitors. This helps to give you more exposure allowing your targeted audience to find and interact with your Instagram account.

Pay close attention to the hashtags that you use for your posts. Instagram only allows you to use 20 hashtags in the caption per post. So pick them wisely and use those that are most popular, your content deserves to get exposed to as many people as possible! Most importantly make sure your hashtags are relevant! We’ve seen so many accounts do this wrong and the outcome never goes well.

6. Are You Actively Engaging With Your Audience?

Yes… and I’ll repeat it over and over again! Make sure you reply to comments on your posts, your audience love that reassurance, knowing that behind that account is a real person. Don’t be scared to add some personality when interacting with your audience on Instagram – you should never feel like you need to act too corporate.

Growing your Instagram account and maintaining good engagement does take a lot of time and effort. That’s why we offer an organic Instagram growth service  – ScialRiser uses trusted marketing experts that control the growth of your account 24/7.

Is your Instagram engagement down? What other things have you found that helps to boost engagement?

Leave a comment below, everyone would love to know!

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