5 Secret Tips For More Views On Instagram Videos

Want more views on your Instagram videos? Here’s our guide!

By SocialRiser Team

 5 Secret Tips For More Views On Instagram videos

More views on Instagram videos?! Surely if I’ve got the solution… There’s no reason why you wouldn’t keep on reading!

Instagram has rapidly grown from being a photo-sharing app to a huge video sharing platform. Instagram is one of the most lucrative platforms with skyrocketing engagement. Most brands have now realized the importance of having a presence on Instagram. Brands are now facing a long-lasting challenge to get more views on Instagram videos. That’s why Instagram growth services like SocialRiser exist

As a typical Instagrammer, I’m sure you’ve been aware of the typical tradition, of checking views on your latest post every 2 minutes, in hopes of a sudden rise! Your number of views/ likes is a symbol of status, A high number of views indicates to others that your video is worth watching and also that overall you have a strong influence.

Fortunately for you, there are some really handy techniques to help you get more views on Instagram videos.

Let’s get straight into it….


1.Optimise your description

Your post description should be straight to the point! It needs to be good enough for a regular person scrolling through their Instagram feed, to straight away, know what the video you’ve posted is all about. It needs to capture interest in them and give them a reason to watch your video.

Visualise it like a typical blog title. The post description itself actually offers more context at first sight as opposed to the video itself.

There are no specific guidelines for how many words should be used for a caption. Put the most engaging words first and allow the others to follow 🙂


2. Identify and post at your peak time

Most of the Instagram engagement on posts actually takes place soon after it’s been posted. Knowing your audience and the peak times is absolutely crucial to gain more views on your Instagram videos. Look deeply into your Instagram audience insights and identify the peak times of your audience. This isn’t 100% accurate and also peak times tend to change on accounts so I would highly recommend experimenting with different times to see which brings in the most views on your videos. Remember! Everyone has a completely different audience. Just because you see one page posting at an odd time, it doesn’t mean this will work for you!


3. Hashtags, hashtags and hashtags!

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful tool that is designed to extend the reach of your posts beyond those of your current Instagram followers. A really clever hashtag can actually be enough to encourage people to watch your video. Most importantly the right hashtags will help you to expand your reach. Brands can competitively use hashtags to have a dive into the top trending topics – which generally get a lot of searches.

Although hashtags are important, we wouldn’t suggest overcrowing your posts with too many hashtags- as it appears too desperate for views/likes


4. Don’t post long boring videos

We’ve found that short entertaining videos tend to get really good views on Instagram. Visualise it – whilst people are scrolling through their Instagram feed, a lot of the time they simply wouldn’t have the time to watch your long video. Don’t get me wrong.. You can post long videos but it depends entirely on your audience and the specific subject of the post.


5. Increase your views with story posts.

That’s right! Why not drive more direct traffic to your Instagram videos? Some of your followers may never get to view your page and instead just view your story posts. Simply posting a snippet of your video and directing them to your profile, is an effective way to organically increase your views on Instagram.

Try it out!

Growing your Instagram account and gaining a high number of views takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we offer an organic Instagram growth and management service for businesses like yours  – ScialRiser uses trusted marketing experts that control the growth of your account 24/7. Try our service out today.

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